Delusion (Official Trailer) is Live!

I just wrapped up the score to this incredible film directed by Zachary Patton. Delusion is based on the true story of Kellen De Vos and his diagnosis of schizophrenia. It takes place at the hospital where Kellen was admitted.

The goal for the score was to create a sonic landscape that blurred the lines between score and sound. The score is visceral and unsettling. Instrumentation includes traditional elements such as piano and strings, synths, noise, distortion, as well as foley-type percussion and sound effects such as medical equipment, knocks, and whispering. One of the signature sounds I used was a recording of an IV machine, using the flutter and ticks as an important pulse.

This film is set to bring about more awareness for schizophrenia and mental health issues, as well as help to dismantle harmful stigma. I am very grateful to have been a part of such an important project!

Theatrical premiere is TBA.

You can watch the trailer above, as well as listen to my favourite music cue here:

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