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  • Scrolling with a Kensington Expert Mouse (Trackball)

    So, my Kensington Expert Mouse just came in the mail today! Despite it's name, this device is a trackball. I decided to adopt a trackball for ergonomics, as your wrist can remain stationary while the trackball is in use. I also considered a trackpad, but I find the trackball is both more confortable to use, and more precise. 

    Now, there is however one VERY big draw for trackpads: SCROLLING. Scrolling, both vertical and horizontal are very important for getting around your DAW. The magic trackpad is undoubtedly the best scrolling device in the universe, no contest. It's ridiculously smooth, and can scroll in very small and precise increments, without stuttering. 

    Let's be real, the scrolling mechanism on the Kensington Expert Mouse is trash. Seriously, don't even bother trying to tell me that it's any good. Sure, it's fine here and there, but the lack of precision is something that bothers me even in something like Facebook. I even took apart the Kensington and removed the magnet, as many others have done, and it's still trash lol. 

    So what did I come up with? After some digging, I discovered that most keyboard customizing software can modify any mouse or cursor movement to become a scroll. DUDE. I just found a goldmine, like seriously. Would I ever use this feature for a regular mouse? Hell no. But for a trackball? That's brilliant. So for OS X, all you do is download and install software called Karabiner, and go to town. It's free, and easy to use. So right now I have it set up that when I hold down the command key, my trackball turns into a beautiful, 2D scrolling device. It's amazeballs (HA). 

    I still use the scroll ring on the Kensington here and there, when I just wanna scroll through stuff one handed, but with the modifier key, the trackball scrolls nearly just as smooth as a trackpad. I was amazed. 

    Problem solved. You're welcome trackball world. 

    Here's the software: